Natureplex SleepTight - The Only Bio-Pesticide PROVEN to Kill Bed Bugs FLAT DEAD!

Naturplex LLC, Company Information
Thank you for visiting the web site for Natureplex's brand Sleept Tight Bed Bug Killer. Although Natureplex products are sold in thousands of store throughout the United States, some areas of the country do not have stores which carry these products. We provide our Company Store as a service to those customers. Additionally, our Company Store serves as a showcase for products not yet available in stores. You will find some old favorites and some new exclusives on our site.

We founded Natureplex with a simple mission. We wanted to be a company that provided the elements that were sorely missing in the alternative health industry: stability and accountability. Five years later, we believe we and our employees are meeting that challenge. If you were to contact us at Natureplex, you very likely would be talking to and interacting with the same people who started the company more than five years ago. And, if you are ever unhappy with those products or unsure how to use them properly and safely, those same people will be delighted to assist you, just like they have been doing for the last five years.

We have worked hard to ensure that we meet good health and manufacturing guidelines and standards, and a few of our own (higher) standards as well. That diligence has worked well for us. We started as a small vitamin and herb tabletting company, and, today, we have been able to grow into products as diverse as medicated ointments, eye care products, bio-pesticides and other lifestyle-enhancing products. Our facilities are regularly inspected, our operations are open and transparent, and our manufacturing process is thoroughly quality controlled.

We feel we have some of the absolute best natural products on the market today, because we believe that we work just a little bit harder. Our goal is not to provide the trendiest products, based on the latest questionable research and hype, but to provide solid, reliable products that you will rely on as part of your everyday life. We want to be your affordable alternative health product source for now and for years to come. We still stand by our original mission: stability and accountability.

If you would like to know even more about Natureplex, and the full line of products and services we offer, please follow this link to our main corporate web site.

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