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Welcome pest control professionals and hospitality industry members! Is the current explosion of bed bug cases making you nervous? You are probably aware that bed bugs are quickly becoming the hospitality industry's dirty little secret.

Unfortunately, with bed bugs, what stays in your property doesn't necessarily stay in your property. Sometimes, it goes home with your guests. Sometimes, it just bites them and leaves large, painful welts on their skin. And, sometimes, most times, they sue.

A couple of major hotels have already paid out large settlements within the last year to bed bug-bitten guests. Some apartment complexes and hotels have even been closed temporarily and very publicly embarrassed by bed bugs infestations. Once local health departments have been forced to intervene, they have gone in with the white bio-hazard suits, usually with news channel cameras filming them. Can you imagine your rental property on television looking like a crime scene?

If you own or have any responsibility for the maintenance of any hotel, motel, condominium, apartment complex, dorm, cruise ship, etc., you assume a huge financial risk by not keeping bed bugs out of your property. Please consider regular treatment with a product like SleepTight for your guests. It is perfectly safe for your guests and for your staff members' regular use and application - make it part of your regular cleaning routine! SleepTight is an excellent product for regular preventative maintenance spraying that does the job of keeping bed bugs out without harming your status as a "green" property.

Bulk Discounts Available
If you own a property and want an eco-friendly weapon for preventing bed bugs for settling down in your property, or if you want to start using a "green" product in your own pest control business, we can help. We have special packaging options for customers needing to treat larger areas than home consumers. Please give us a call at 901-327-4550 to discuss bulk product options that can save you money while making sure you and your guests SleepTight and bed bug-free.

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