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Dee Young Lee
Lab Technician

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Choosing Natureplex for Your Brand

Natureplex Private Label
“No Limit On Better” is our quality slogan because we believe that we can always be better than we are - an attitude that is cultivated into every Natureplex employee. This code we live by is realized when we have successful audits.
Our Quality Department ensures that our employees are fully trained to perform the work they are assigned, and ensure we meet and/or exceed Local and Federal agencies quality requirements. Better-trained personnel with a Quality mindset produce superior products.

Natureplex Export Sales
Whether you need product shipped to New York or New Delhi, Natureplex can ship it. With Interstates 55 and 40 intersecting in Memphis, we can offer you the lowest freight rates North-South and East-West, nationally. Similarly we can FedEx, barge or rail international orders to your port of choice.
Natureplex believes in reinvesting back into the Company. As a result, most of the company’s equipment is less than two years. Better equipment helps make better product.